Silas Bartsch K-8 School

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Students are rewarded by all staff members with ROAR tickets.  ROAR tickets are drawn on Fridays and announced to the school. These students can pick up small prizes from the library if their name is drawn.  Our K-5 students earn small prizes like pencils, light up toys, and sunglasses.  Middle schoolers can earn small prizes like office products.  At the end of the school year there is a massive drawing from all ROAR tickets for items like McDonald's gift cards, Wild Water tickets, movie tickets, and toys. 

ROAR Celebrations

At the end of each month or predetermined amount of time a ROAR celebration will be held for students who have shown Respect, Ownership, Attitude, and Responsibility.  Participation in the celebration is directly linked to behavior.  Students who can participate in the celebrations are students who have NOT had:  Out of School Suspensions, In School Suspensions, Step 4’s or any major offenses in the predetermined amount of time. Students who don’t attend the celebration will participate in a behavior intervention/tutorial reviewing behavior expectations. Different types of reward activities include:  rallies, assemblies, free time with music, and musical performances.
PBIS is an approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.  PBIS is a prevention-oriented way for school personnel to organize evidence-based practices, improve their implementation of those practices and maximize academic and social behavior outcomes for students.  PBIS supports the success of ALL students.
R for Respectful
O for Organized
A for Ambitious
R for Responsible