Silas Bartsch K-8 School

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PBIS is an approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.  PBIS is a prevention-oriented way for school personnel to organize evidence-based practices, improve their implementation of those practices and maximize academic and social behavior outcomes for students.  PBIS supports the success of ALL students.
In implementing PBIS, we have committed ourselves to our ROAR commitments...
R for Respectful
O for Organized
A for Ambitious
R for Responsible

Academic Goal: By the end of March in the 2019-2020 school year, 55% of our 2nd-8th grade students will score proficient or above on the SRI & 50% of our K-1 students will score “on grade level” on the BPST

Behavior GoalBy the end of the 2019-2020 SBS will decrease suspensions by .3%; no more than 12 students would require a suspension.