Silas Bartsch K-8 School

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Parent Surveys 2016 - 2017

We appreciate your participation in responding to our annual parent survey.  We had over 400 responses this year.  I had an opportunity to read all the comments from the surveys.  The following are what our parents consider to be our top three areas of strength.     

This year, the surveys reflect that our parents are most impressed with our staff.  Our parents feel welcomed and appreciate how they and their children are treated.  They feel that their child’s teacher cares for them and they feel that their child is making great progress.  Our parents report that they feel their child is safe and secure here at SBS.  Finally, our parents appreciate the organization and professionalism of our school. They also appreciate the many modes of communication that we use to reach out to them.  

The survey results also indicated several opportunities for growth.  The following are the top three areas of needed improvement. 

Our parents communicated the need for us to provide more activities to the students such as athletics, celebrations, and field trips.  They would appreciate more academic support such as tutoring and intervention.  Finally, our parents would like us to continue to address bullying on campus.   

  • We will continue to provide each class with a supply of play equipment.  Lunch time tournaments will continue.  Finally, we will investigate ways to include grades 3-5 in intramural sports.   
  • We are maximizing the utility of our three interventionists through foundational skill support and VAPA pull-out. We will continue to provide multiple sections of reading intervention.  Teachers will continue to provide extended day opportunities and summer school.       
  • Will continue to use our system of PBIS to generate a positive and safe learning environment.  Our data system will allow us to analyze and address safety and security needs.